Join the special briefing on this landmark climate litigation

The Environment Council of Central Queensland is taking Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek to Court in landmark climate litigation to protect Australia’s living wonders from new coal and gas. 

Represented by lawyers from Environmental Justice Australia, these are the first court challenges of a coal or gas decision made by our Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek. 

These landmark cases in the Federal Court could be a game changer for the fate and future of thousands of animals, plants and places that call this beautiful continent home. 

Join us for this legal briefing hear from our client and lawyers on why this case is such a big deal, the legal arguments, and what this could change.

WHAT: Legal briefing about this landmark Living Wonders litigation 

WHEN: Wednesday, 7th June at 7-8PM AEST (6:30-7:30PM ACST, 5-6PM AWST) 


  • Christine Carlisle, President of the Environment Council of Central Queensland  
  • Retta Berryman, Environmental Justice Australia climate lead and senior specialist lawyer