The minister has a vital responsibility to protect all nationally significant animals, places, plants and ecosystems. With the stroke of a pen, she can determine the future for thousands of our living wonders.

I’m Christine Carlisle, from the Environment Council of Central Queensland. We agree with our Environment Minister: “We cannot waste another minute.”

Plummeting populations of threatened plants and animals. Mass coral bleaching year after year. Entire ecosystems on the brink of collapse – and all of this exacerbated by climate change. These are the grim findings of the long-awaited State of the Environment report.

Minister Plibersek needs to hear an overwhelming cry from people across the continent, asking her to face our shared reality, listen to the science, and act. 

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You might like to share why this matters to you, or why you support this legal intervention – and ask her to consider the impact of climate damage on our iconic animals, reefs, wetlands, National Parks, and so much more.


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