Narrabarba Wattle  |  

Acacia constablei

Status: Vulnerable on the EPBC Act list

Acacia constablei, Family Mimosaceae, also known as the Narrabarba Wattle, is an erect or spreading shrub or small tree with bipinnate leaves comprising 6–15 pairs of pinnae each with 9–30 pairs of pinnules (leaflets) 1.5–2.5 mm long and <1 mm wide. The pale yellow to white/cream flower heads are globular and 5–7 mm diameter. Individuals are mostly from 1 to 3 m high but can grow to 7 m in sheltered situations.

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Acacia constablei

    Threats The main potential threat to Narrabarba Wattle is controlled and uncontrolled fire (NSW NWPS; 2003).

    Such a dramatic change in the species composition for these sites reflects the fire sensitive nature of the communities.

    This species is likely to be susceptible to extreme drought since the water carrying capacity of the soil associated with the outcrops is generally low.