“There are proposals to dig up more coal, bids to stay open for decades longer and to drill major new gas wells. The science is clear. More coal and gas would just be adding fuel to the fire we need to put out” – Hollie Kerwin, EJA Lawyer

“There is so much riding on this decision. Minister Plibersek must heed the advice of the country’s leading scientists. She holds the power to turn around a decade of serious environmental decline and climate inaction.” – Tim Flannery

“According to one expert, if this legal application reaches the courts, it may set a precedent, forcing the consideration of climate change in assessments of fossil fuel projects under Australia’s federal environment laws for the first time.”

“It doesn’t matter where a mine is or where the fossil fuel is burnt – the associated greenhouse gas emissions significantly impact our living wonders. It’s shocking, but until now, federal environment ministers have completely ignored this.”

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