Dusky Seasnake  |  

Aipysurus fuscus

The Dusky Seasnake is moderately short and stout. Dorsal colouring (on the upper surface) is generally dark brown or purplish-brown with more faint cross-bands on the flanks. The head shields are generally regular with some fragmentation of scales in the parietal region. The body scales are smooth and imbricate (overlapping) in 19–21 rows at the mid-body. Ventral scales (on the underside) are broad and number 155–180. The anal scale is divided. Subcaudal scales (near the tail) number 20–40. The Dusky Seasnake grows to an average length of about 60 cm (Cogger 2000; Smith 1926; Storr et al. 1986). The Dusky Seasnake is restricted to the reefs of the Sahul Shelf in Western Australia, in particular Ashmore, Hibernia and Scott Reefs (Cogger 1975, 2000; Smith 1926; Storr et al. 1986).

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • IUCN Red List Assessment, Aipysurus fuscus

    Thus; climate change may be a threat to some sea snake species (Francis 2006).