McIvor Spider-orchid  |  

Caladenia audasii

Status: Endangered on the EPBC Act list

Audas' Spider-orchid

The McIvor Spider-orchid is a terrestrial, deciduous herb with a single leaf of 60 to 100 mm long by 8 to 10 mm wide, lanceolate in shape, green and sparsely hairy.  The species has a slender hairy, green or reddish flower stem, growing to 20 cm tall. Its labellum is pale yellow, with reddish spotting.

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Caladenia audasii

    The McIvor spider orchid s habitat is adapted to low frequency fire (Todd 2000).

    Fire Timing and potential The role of fire for the McIvor spider orchid is unknown. frequency However; fires that occur in autumn; winter and spring; after the species shoots but before seed is set; may pose a threat.