Red Knot, Knot  |  

Calidris canutus

Status: Endangered on the EPBC Act list

The Red Knot is a small to medium member of the Calidridinae family. It has a length of 23–25 cm, a wingspan of 45–54 cm and a weight of 120 g. The species is robust, short-necked, rather dumpy but long bodied wader with a short straight bill, long wings extending beyond the tail and short legs. The Red Knot is similar in shape and proportions to Great Knot, Calidris tenuirostris, but smaller and less bulky, with shorter bill, and the breeding plumage differs markedly. In all plumages the species has a clear narrow white wing bar and off-white patch on the rump and uppertail-coverts. It is obscured by narrow dark barring and appears pale grey at a distance.

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • IUCN Red List Assessment, Calidris canutus

    Climate change induced sea level rise and thawing of permafrost pose threats to intertidal staging areas; non breeding sites and Arctic breeding areas (Leyrer et al. 2014; Wauchope et al. 2016).