Muiron Island Pipefish  |  

Choeroichthys latispinosus


Choeroichthys latispinosus, also known as the Muiron Island pipefish or Muiron pipefish, is a species of pipefish native to the western coast of Western Australia, named for the its recorded sighting on South Murion Island. It is thought to inhabit the area from Port Denison to Brecknock Island in the eastern Kimberley region.

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • IUCN Red List Assessment, Choeroichthys latispinosus

    Based on the current rates of reef destruction (without consideration of climate change factors) there is a serious threat that 15 will be lost within the next 10 20 years and 20 within 20 40 years (Wilkinson 2008).

    The effects of climate change (rising temperatures; and ocean acidification) hinder coral development causing slower growth rates (Crook et al. 2013); and coral bleaching (Hoegh Guldberg 1999).