Trigwell's Rulingia  |  

Commersonia erythrogyna

Status: Endangered on the EPBC Act list

TrigwellÕs rulingia is a small shrub up to 1.5 metres tall and 1 metre wide with branches and
leaves covered in star-shaped hairs that are typical of other species in the genus Commersonia.
The stipules (outgrowths at the base of a leafstalk) are deciduous and narrow, with the upper
stipules often divided into thin lobes. Flowers are terminal and petals are equal or shorter in
length than the sepals. Petals have a broad base embracing the stamens and a linear or broad
upper portion known as the ligule (Brown et al., 1998). Flowers are creamy white and occur
between August and October (Wilkins & Whitlock 2011).

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Commersonia erythrogyna

    gl It is known that seed of Trigwell s rulingia germinates following fire. frequency fire The soil seed bank would rapidly be depleted if fires recur before juvenile plants reach maturity and replenish the soil seed bank.