dwarf bee orchid  |  

Diuris micrantha

Status: Vulnerable on the EPBC Act list

tiny bee orchid

Diuris micrantha, Family Orchidaceae, also known as Dwarf Bee-orchid, has a basal tuft of
narrow, linear leaves and a loose, slender inflorescence up to 60 cm high. The yellow flowers,
which can number up to seven, have reddish-brown markings and are the smallest in the
genus, measuring up to 1.3 cm across. Flowers appear from August to early October (Brown
et al., 1998). The species is closely related to Bee Orchid (D. laxiflora) but has smaller,
lighter-cloured flowers, a proportionately shorter, broader labellum mid-lobe and earlier
flowering period (Hoffman & Brown, 1992)

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Diuris micrantha

    Threats The main identified threats to Dwarf Bee orchid include fire (especially if burnt from May to October) and weed invasion.