pale goat orchid  |  

Diuris ochroma

Status: Vulnerable on the EPBC Act list

pale golden moths

The pale golden moths orchid is endemic to south-eastern Australia and displays a disjunct distribution between Victoria and New South Wales. In Victoria this species is found in two populations; the larger containing an estimated 8000 plants, is reserved within the Alpine National Park and the smaller population of around 50 plants, grows on a roadside near Abbeyard. In New South Wales the pale golden moths orchid occurs in the Kybeyan area, Monaro Tableland, and is restricted to a single population containing an estimated 130 plants. The pale golden moths orchid can be found growing in grasslands, sub-alpine grassland and sub-alpine open and sparse woodland. Weed invasion, grazing by feral herbivores and stock grazing as well as physical disturbances by off-road vehicles are known threats to this species.

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Diuris ochroma

    Fire Timing and potential The role of fire for the pale golden moths orchid is not well frequency understood.

    Too frequent fire may pose a threat by altering the habitat; removing organic surface materials and negatively impacting pollinators and mycorrhizal agents.

    However; the species may require regular burning to maintain the open herbaceous vegetation that it prefers (DSE 2003) and too infrequent fire may also be a threat.

    Pile burning was identified as a potential threat at the NSW site in (NGH Environmental 2004).