Tallong midge-orchid  |  

Genoplesium plumosum

Status: Endangered on the EPBC Act list

plumed midge-orchid

The Tallong midge orchid grows 10-20 cm tall producing a single flowering stem that bears 1-8 small flowers clustering at the top of the stem. This species is endemic to New South Wales, where it is found within the town of Tallong and the immediate area surrounding the town. The Tallong midge orchid is also found in Morton National Park, south-east of the town of Wingello, however no flowering plants have been located at this site since 2001. The total population in 2001 was estimated to be 293 individuals. This species has been threatened by land clearance in the past and may continue to be, given the largest populations are located within potential future development areas. Road maintenance, vehicle damage and grazing are also threats to the Tallong midge orchid.

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Genoplesium plumosum

    The main factors that are the cause of the species being eligible for listing in the Endangered category are its very restricted area of occupancy; its low population size and the impact of a number of potential and actual threats including land clearance; grazing; and inappropriate fire regimes.

    Fire Burning suspected Fire could kill the orchid tubers and destroy the mossy ground during current cover which might be important to the survival of the species. flowering Fire may have a greater impact on the Tallong midge orchid if season the habitat is burnt whilst the species is flowering or in fruit.