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Kunzea cambagei

Status: Vulnerable on the EPBC Act list

Kunzea cambagei, Family Myrtaceae, also known as the Cambage Kunzea, is a prostate, spreading or ascending shrub growing to 0.6 m tall. Leaves are sweetly-scented, 3Ð8 mm long and 3 mm wide, with a rounded tip. Flowers are cream to yellow coloured and are grouped in clusters at the ends of branches. The flowers have numerous stamens and the base of the flower is covered with silky hairs. Fruits are a hairy capsule 3 mm long (NSW NPWS, 2000a; DECC, 2005a).

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Kunzea cambagei

    Threats The main identified threats to K. cambagei include high fire frequency; road widening and habitat degradation by rubbish dumping and trail bikes (NSW NPWS; 2000b).