Wrinkled Buttons  |  

Leiocarpa gatesii

Status: Vulnerable on the EPBC Act list

Wrinkled buttons is a slender perennial (occasionally annual) herb growing to 30 cm tall, with narrow leaves along white cottony stems. The leaves are alternate, narrow and blunt to about 20 mm x 5 mm, dark green and generally hairless above, and white and densely hairy below. The plant bears yellow button-like flower heads to 20 mm across, consisting of numerous small, tubular florets, and surrounded by overlapping rows of narrow brown bracts covered with white hairs. Flower heads are borne singly at the ends of the stems, and appear from December to April (rarely to July). The fruit is a hairless, non-beaked achene (description from Leigh et al. 1984; Mueck 1997; Walsh & Entwisle 1999; DNRE 2001). This species can be distinguished from other species of Leiocarpa by its bell-shaped flower heads with wrinkled bracts that increase in size from the outer to the inner bracts (Wilson 2001).

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Leiocarpa gatesii

    The abundance of germinated individuals in the landscape fluctuates greatly depending on fire frequency and intensity.

    Lack of biomass reduction or physical disturbance Low frequency potential current Fire frequency; intensity and season of occurrence or intensity of may have important effects on long term survival of spring this species at all sites (SAC 1996).