Leionema ralstonii  |  

Leionema ralstonii

Status: Vulnerable on the EPBC Act list

Leionema ralstonii, Family Rutaceae, also known as the RalstonÕs Leionema, is an open, often spindly shrub growing to 1 m high, with glabrous stems and leaves. Leaves are alternate along the stem, strap-shaped, simple, slightly 2Ðlobed at the apex, 2.5Ð5 cm long and 5Ð8 mm wide, on short stalks. Flowers are clustered in groups of 4Ð7 on a common pendulous stalk at the ends of branches. Individual flowers are up to 2.5 cm long with pale green petals of around 8 mm in length. Protruding yellow stamens are more than twice as long as the petals and numerous. The fruit is a capsule up to 10 mm wide and 4Ð5 mm high and divided into 4 chambers (Briggs and Leigh, 1990; Harden, 2002; Elith, 2002).

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Leionema ralstonii

    Threats The main potential threats to Ralston s Leionema include browsing and general habitat degradation by feral goats; expanding mining activities; infection with Phytophthora cinnamomi; inappropriate fire regimes; clear felling and forestry operations (Briggs and Leigh; 1990 Elith; 2002 Elith and Potts pers. comm.; 2003 NSW NPWS; 2003).