Leucopogon sp. Flynn  |  

Leucopogon sp. Flynn

Status: Critically Endangered on the EPBC Act list

L. sp. Flynn is a rather low, compact shrub to c. 70 cm high and 120 cm wide, but usually smaller. Its life expectancy is not known, however some of the plants present when the population was discovered in 1999 are still present.

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Leucopogon sp. Flynn

    No. locations 1 Severely fragmented Yes No Unknown No. subpopulations 2 No. mature individuals 621 to Percentage global population within Australia Percentage population decline over 10 years or 3 generations Unknown Threats (detail how the species is being impacted) Threat Extent Impact (describe the threat and how it impacts on the (give details of impact on (what is the level of threat to species.

    Specify if the threat is past; current or whole species or specific the conservation of the potential) subpopulations) species) Altered fire regimes Whole population Severe The species is a re seeder that is killed by fire; with 80 of mature plants dying following a prescribed burn in June 2006.

    These fluctuations in numbers show that this plant is very susceptible to changing environmental conditions and threatening processes such as inappropriate fire regimes.

    Fire may also interact with other threats (eg grazing).

    It is expected that inappropriate fire will result in a decline in numbers. 2) Grazing A) How and where they impact this species.

    Future Drought Whole population Severe This is a threat to the species if it occurs over a number of years.