Broad-toothed Stag Beetle, Wielangta Stag Beetle  |  

Lissotes latidens

Status: Endangered on the EPBC Act list

The Broad-toothed Stag Beetle is a medium-sized flightless stag beetle, dull black in colour. Adult male Broad-toothed Stag Beetles have prominent jaws shaped like bull’s horns and a body length of 13-18 mm.

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Lissotes latidens

    Number Threat Threat type Evidence base factor and status 1.0 Habitat loss; disturbance and modifications 1.1 Clearing Known Current Approximately 90 of this species’ potential and habitat occurs on private land or in forestry Permanent Timber Production Zone and practices Future Potential Production Zone and appears to be severely fragmented (Meggs 1999). 2.0 Fire 2.1 Too Known Current Fire which occurs too frequently; particularly frequent hot burns; will cause the loss of ground litter burning layer and decaying logs beneath which and hot beetle s shelter (Meggs and Munks 2003). burns 3.0 Firewood collection 3.1 Removal Known Current Targeted removal of decaying logs; including of logs firewood collection or heaping for burning removes optimal habitat for the Broad toothed Stag Beetle (TSSC 2002).

  • Australian Government, Listing Advice, Lissotes latidens

    Major threats to the habitat in these areas are clearing; burning and conversion of native forests to plantation.