King's Lomatia  |  

Lomatia tasmanica

Status: Critically Endangered on the EPBC Act list

King’s lomatia is a Proteaceous shrub that grows to between 2 and 8 metres tall. The plants often branch at the top of a thin trunk, although the trunk may be horizontal with a few erect branches (TSS, 2005, 2006). Flowers are burgundy coloured (University of Tasmania, 2011) and have been observed in January and February, but not annually (TSS, 2016). It is distinguished from other Lomatia species in Tasmania by its flower colour: other species have white coloured flowers (University of Tasmania, 2011).

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Lomatia tasmanica

    Threat factor Threat type Evidence base and status Fire Fire Current King s lomatia is a fire sensitive species (killed by fire) that regenerates from undamaged roots or stems.

    The risk of infection is also greater following fire events (TSS; 2006).

    Conservation Actions Conservation objectives Maintain or increase population size through protection from wildfire and Phytophthora cinnamomi; with the aim of maintaining or increasing recruitment.