Broad-toothed Rat (mainland), Tooarrana  |  

Mastacomys fuscus mordicus

Status: Vulnerable on the EPBC Act list

The broad-toothed rat has a broad face, short tail and stocky body. It has fine, dense fur which is brown tinged with rufous above, merging to a paler grey underneath. The fur may have a green tinge due to the presence of algae. The ears are small and round with tufts of hair inside. The feet are brown above and below. The tail is lightly haired, dark above and becoming slightly lighter underneath. It has characteristically large molars in a rounded head, with well developed Mastacomys fuscus mordicus (broad-toothed rat (mainland)) Conservation Advice Page 2 of 12 cheeks and large jaw muscles. It has a head and body length of 14-17 cm and a tail length of 1-13cm.

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Mastacomys fuscus mordicus

    Threats are ongoing and some appear to be increasing (e.g. the impact of feral herbivores; spread of weeds; Phytophthora die back; effects of climate change; and possible increased fire frequency) (Vic SAC 2012).
    Menkhorst et al. (2008) noted a greater than 50 percent decline in the largest known and best studied subpopulation (in the Mt Kosciuszko area) over the period 1999 2008 due to fox and cat predation; fire impacts; and some competition from other rodents.