Microcorys eremophiloides  |  

Microcorys eremophiloides

Status: Vulnerable on the EPBC Act list

Microcorys eremophiloides, Family Lamiaceae, also known as Wongan Microcorys, is an erect shrub growing to 2 m high. Stems have slightly fissured bark when young, becoming deeply fissured and corky with age. Leaves are opposite, often crowded towards the ends of the branches. Flowers are deep pink to red (Kenneally, 1982).
Microcorys eremophiloides superficially resembles M. longifolia and was formerly incorrectly referred to this species. Its flowers are twice as large and the upper lip of the corolla is much longer than the lower lip. The three lobes of the lower lip of the corolla are acute in M. eremophiloides and obtuse in M. longifolia. The leaves of M. eremophiloides tend to be crowded towards the ends of the terminal branchlets whereas young branches of
M. longifolia are leafy throughout (Kenneally, 1982; Brown et al., 1998).

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Microcorys eremophiloides

    Threats Minor threats to this species include firebreak construction; fire and grazing.