Pimelea bracteata  |  

Pimelea bracteata

Status: Critically Endangered on the EPBC Act list

Pimelea bracteata is described by PlantNET (2019) as a Òshrub to 2 m high, stems glabrous.
Leaves narrow-elliptic to oblanceolate, those immediately below the involucre often wider, usually
6Ð10 mm long, 3Ð6 mm wide, often with a purplish tinge. Flowers in bracteate heads, bracts
completely surrounding the head; head usually nodding on short lateral shoot; peduncle 1Ð5 mm
long. Bracts 6Ð8, 10Ð18 mm long, 7Ð15 mm wide, glabrous, yellow-green often tinged with purple
or red. Flowers 15Ð26 in each head, 12Ð17 mm long, pale yellow. Fruit 3Ð4.5 mm long, green.Ó
Pimelea bracteata has been referred to as Pimelea ligustrina var. glabra Maiden & Betche and
Pimelea sp. B sensu Jacobs & Pickard (1981).

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Pimelea bracteata

    There is also likely to be an adverse effect of both drought and dieback on plant recovery in areas burnt in the 2019 2020 fire. c) Extreme fluctuations.