Barau's Petrel  |  

Pterodroma baraui


Discovered as recently as 1963, Barau’s petrel remains fairly unknown due to its inaccessible and remote breeding habitat on just a single island in the Indian Ocean. Barau’s petrel is a medium-sized petrel with greyish-brown plumage on top and white underparts. A fairly distinct ‘M’ shaped marking extends across the back and wings, and when in flight, the dark edges of the underside of the wing are visible. As with other petrels, its large wingspan is an adaptation for continuous flight over the ocean, and its sharp bill with a hooked tip is perfect for dealing with slippery fish prey

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • IUCN Red List Assessment, Pterodroma baraui

    Climate change may also affect the species in the future as a recent study based on a robust tracking dataset and habitat suitability modelling has shown that the wintering habitat may shift southward and may be reduced in size during the 21st century (Legrand et al. 2016).