Juan Fernandez Petrel  |  

Pterodroma externa


Petrels are oceanic birds, with broad webbed feet suited to their aquatic lifestyle, and long wings that enable them to fly great distances over the ocean and endure mighty storms. The plumage of the Juan Fernández petrel is brownish-grey on the back, with a black M-shaped marking across the extended wings. The underparts are white, with the underside of the wing edged in black. The face is white, with a black ‘cap’ extending to below the eyes. The black bill has a hooked tip and houses the tubular nostrils that are a unique feature of the Procellariiformes, also known as the ‘tubenoses’.

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • IUCN Red List Assessment, Pterodroma externa

    The species is potentially threatened by climate change because it has a geographically bounded distribution its altitudinal distribution; currently a range of approximately 500 m; falls entirely within 2;000 m of the highest mountain top within its range (1;649 m).