Red-footed Booby  |  

Sula sula

The Red-footed Booby is a slender bird with conspicuous red feet, long tail and a bill that can be blackish to pale blue. The eye is grey to grey-green and skin around the eye can vary from dark grey to blue to purplish in colour. Plumage colouring is extremely varied, with two main ‘morphs’ recognized: a white morph in which plumage is mainly white except the head area that is strongly tinged yellow, and black primary and secondary flight feathers; and an ash-brown morph in which feathers are pale to dark brown, except the tail which is usually white. A range of intermediate forms are also known and the two morphs intermix regularly. Males are approximately 15% smaller in body size than females with the approximate body length being 70–80 cm and an approximate wing span of 140–145 cm. At 1 kg the Red-footed Booby is the smallest and lightest of the Booby family.

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Species Profile and Threats Database, Sula sula

    Climate change may affect food supply (Heatwole et al. 1996) and other generic threats such as increased pressure from tourism and fisheries may also be significant (Stokes et al. 1996).