Toechima sp. East Alligator  |  

Toechima sp. East Alligator

Status: Endangered on the EPBC Act list

Toechima sp. East Alligator is a small, multi-stemmed, slender-branched tree growing to five metres high. The bark is light grey-brown and almost smooth (NT DIPE 2004). Toechima sp. East Alligator is endemic to the Northern Territory. This taxon is known from only one very small population in an Allosyncarpia rainforest patch in Arnhem Land near the Upper East Alligator River east of Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory (Liddle et al. 1994; NT DIPE 2004). Although there are no quantitative data on the taxon’s extent of occurrence, a comprehensive regional survey of Northern Territory Allosyncarpia rainforest patches indicates that 72% of these patches are very small in size, being <10 ha in area (Russell-Smith 1992). It is, therefore, suggested that the taxon's maximum extent of occurrence is 10 ha (0.01 km²) (Kerrigan 2005 pers. comm.). There are no quantitative data on the taxon's area of occupancy. Until further information becomes available, it is suggested that the maximum area of occupancy be regarded the same as the estimated area of occurrence, that is 10 ha (Kerrigan 2005 pers. comm.).

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Listing Advices, Toechima sp. East Alligator

    Historically; fire is a key threat to monsoon rainforest.

    East Alligator occurs is surrounded by monsoon rainforest; and therefore is potentially threatened by inappropriate fire regimes.