Dwarf Butterfly Orchid  |  

Vappodes lithocola

Status: Endangered on the EPBC Act list

Cooktown Orchid

Dendrobium lithocola, Family Orchidaceae, now known as Vappodes lithocola and also
known as the Dwarf Butterfly Orchid and Cooktown Orchid, is a lithophytic (rock-growing)
orchid (Dockrill, 1992) with prominently swollen, conical pseudobulbs that are green or
purplish and leafy in the upper third (Jones, 2006). Each pseudobulb has 3Ð5 green leaves that
grow to 12 cm long and 25 mm wide. Racemes are 10Ð30 cm long and carry 1Ð8 flowers.
Flowers are usually lilac-purple, or occasionally white or bluish. There is no white spot on the
labellum (lip). The sepals are narrow, while the petals are as broad as they are long. All are
approximately 30 mm long. Flowering occurs between March and July (Jones, 2006) and
flowers last for one month (Lavarack et al., 2000).
The Vappodes genus has recently been separated from Dendrobium (Clements & Jones,
2002). This name change is followed in Jones (2006) and Jones & Clements (2008).
Dendrobium lithocola is considered to be a synonym of Vappodes lithocola in the Australian
Plant Census (CHAH, 2008).

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Dendrobium lithocola

    Threats The main identified threats to Dendrobium lithocola are localised vegetation clearing weeds inappropriate fire regimes (ANRA; 2007) and illegal collection (EPA Qld; 2005).