Sand Grasstree  |  

Xanthorrhoea arenaria

Status: Vulnerable on the EPBC Act list

The Sand Grasstree, Xanthorrhoea arenaria, is a trunkless grass-tree. The species has greyish to bluish-green leaves that measure 40-80 cm long, 2-3 mm wide and 1-2.5 mm thick. The scape is 20-60 cm long and 8-11 mm in diameter. The flowers are arranged in a spike that is greater than one-third but less than half the length of the flower stem.

Government evidence of impact of climate change:

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  • Australian Government, Conservation Advice, Xanthorrhoea arenaria

    Fire Too frequent potential Although grasstrees require fire to induce flowering; fire current subpopulations of the sand grasstree or shiny grasstree are potentially threatened by fires occurring too frequently for successive generations to mature and set seed before being destroyed in the succeeding fire.

    Undertake research into the fire ecology of the sand grasstree and the shiny grasstree to determine the optimal fire regime (fire frequency and intensity) for the species.